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Our innovative solution to low English literacy in marginal communities. Comprising a learning app, blended pedagogy and teacher training, Plus English develops the English literacy of children who are first generation learners.

Plus English is designed to address access barriers and deficiencies in English education for children in low-resource and low-connectivity environments. The program works to accelerate children’s English learning outcomes and language acquisition by an average of 39% each year, while also improving children’s digital skills through regular, guided use of our technology.

Plus English is both a learning app and pedagogical framework. It brings together world-class digital learning content, multi-layered assessments and data-driven interventions – all delivered and accessed via our non-internet dependent learning platform, and at a cost that is very affordable for the poorest households in the communities we serve.

Core Features

The main features that define the Plus English program

Blended Approach

Plus English combines teacher-led, technology-driven and student-centred instruction to create multiple learning pathways for children.

Inclusive & Accessible

The program is adaptable to mixed-level and under-resourced classrooms or groups of any size, and customisable to to local cultural and learning contexts.

Cooperative Learning

The program incorporates fun and interactive peer group learning activities to create a vibrant, collaborative learning environment.

Individual Scaffolding

The Plus English learning app offers multi-layered assessments that help teachers to identify and support the specific learning needs of students.

Progressive Structure

Modules are progressively structured, starting at the absolute beginner level up to pre-intermediate level (CEFRL A2) with a focus on everyday English.

Non-Internet Dependent

The learning app is delivered and accessed via our non-internet dependent learning platform, enabling offline delivery of the program.

Learning + Teaching

Plus English is a learning app, but it’s also much more than that


The Learning App

At the heart of the program is the Plus English learning app. The app follows a global curriculum or it can be customised to align with local curriculums and official textbooks.

website icons training

The Pedagogy

Plus English is also a way of teaching and learning English that is proven to maximise student engagement, and accelerate learning outcomes and language acquisition.

website icons teacher training

Teacher Training

Teachers are trained to facilitate Plus English in their classrooms. Participating teachers develop skills and strategies to use technology to enhance their teaching practice.


What our students + teachers think

“Since Plus English has started in our village, our children have really improved. They have started using new English words, they’re trying harder to speak in English.” – Mr Kambleteacher

“It is different to learning from the textbook because there is audio to hear the sound of the native speaker, and the lessons are very easy to learn and remember.” – Devi, student

“The children are more active, pay attention and are learning much more than before. Also, fewer students are absent in English class.” – Ms Sokuntheavyteacher

“I want to spend as much time as I can on the tablet. It motivates me to want to learn more and more!” – Arunny, student

“We love the fact that the program does not need an internet connection to function and does not depend heavily on the need for a well-trained teacher.” – Ms Raoteacher

Communities Value Plus English

A report commission by Australian Aid found that communities in Cambodia highly value the Plus English program



100% of teachers said they would encourage other teachers or school principals to use the Plus English program as part of their classes.



100% of principals believed that Plus English had eased their personal workload and increased the internal capacity of their teaching staff.



100% of parents in rural Cambodian communities considered English literacy education to be “very valuable” to children’s schooling.



100% of parents believed that English literacy education was the greatest learning need in their local community.

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About Plus Education

Plus Education is the group operating name of registered Australian charity, The 40K Foundation Australia Ltd, and its subsidiary organisations, 40K Plus Education in India and Cambodia.

We are committed to child safety and creating a safe learning environment for children.

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