A Southeast Asian nation that has had to completely rebuild its society and education systems in recent decades. Plus Education is honoured to have served rural communities here since 2018.

Plus English

A localised adaptation of our flagship non-internet dependent English literacy and digital skills education program, Plus English. Aligned to the national English curriculum and textbook for Years 7 to 9, the program is currently delivered in over 40 lower-secondary schools across rural Cambodia.

Teacher training

Our intensive teacher training program equips teachers in rural Cambodian schools with skills and strategies to use technology to enhance their teaching practice and support their students’ specific learning needs. Teachers are also offered regular coaching beyond initial training sessions.


Bridge program

The Bridge program offers foundational English language skills education for Cambodian children who, for various reasons, need a little extra support to achieve the basic skill level required to commence Year 7 English. The aim is to ensure every child can participate in Plus English with confidence, regardless of their starting point.


Planet Plus app

For Cambodian children in higher-connectivity communities, we have developed a free online app that be downloaded to Android devices. Aligned to the national English curriculum and textbook, the app develops children’s English literacy, helping them to understand online content & preparing for future employment in the industries of tomorrow.


Covid podcasts

To keep children engaged in learning during school closures, Plus Education assisted the Cambodian government to set up a podcast channel for which we provided English literacy content. We also trained local teachers from across the country on integrating podcasts into their teaching plans, helping to keep children engaged in learning.

The need in Cambodia

In Cambodia, like elsewhere in the developing world, rural communities are characterised by higher rates of poverty and lower levels of development relative to urban areas. These inequalities are mirrored in the school system.

Rural schools often operate in makeshift buildings with poor to non-existent electricity and Internet connectivity, under-qualified teaching staff, and few resources. This contributes to a huge divide in educational outcomes between rural and urban students and, in turn, their post-school outcomes.

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About Plus Education

Plus Education is the group operating name of registered Australian charity, The 40K Foundation Australia Ltd, and its subsidiary organisations, 40K Plus Education in India and Cambodia.

We are committed to child safety and creating a safe learning environment for children.

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