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Our innovative solution to low English literacy in marginal communities. Comprising a learning app, blended pedagogy and teacher training, Plus English develops the English literacy of children who are first generation learners.

The Plus English learning app is a non-internet dependent app which follows a global English literacy curriculum or can be customised to align with local curriculums, official textbooks and cultural contexts.

Accessible through low-cost android devices, the app is designed to capture children’s interest with colourful visuals, motion graphics, and culturally-relevant imagery. Lessons are brought to life with games, songs and fun animated videos based on real-world topics.

As children make their way through each lesson, they develop the skills to understand basic written and spoken English and to communicate simple and routine information and tasks with clarity. All the while, they are ushered along by three virtual superheroes from Planet Plus: Boris the Bull Dog, Teju the tiger and Kenny the Kangaroo!

Only when the children complete each lesson and pass the required assessments can they unlock the next module’s content – and, with it, the world of opportunities and possibilities that English language provides.

The Learning Progression

Plus English helps children to progress in three simple steps



  • HTML videos introducing the concept.
  • 1-3 videos per lesson, based on learning stage.
  • Can be used for self-learning or to supplement the teacher’s lesson.


  • Interactive modules that allow the student to apply what they have learnt.
  • 15-20 questions to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Multiple formats like MCQ, drag-drop, fill in the blanks, re-order.


  • Scored self-assessment.
  • Formative & summative quizzes.
  • Provides data to the teacher on what students are struggling with.
  • Multiple formats like MCQ, drag-drop, fill in the blanks, re-order.

Our Technology

Plus English is delivered via our non-internet dependent learning platform


Learning management

The platform comprises our cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) which houses curated learning content, lessons and assessments. The LMS allows for tracking of student learning data and generates easy-to-understand reports, helping teachers to identify areas in which students are struggling or excelling.



Made up of a master app, Raspberry Pi and wifi router, SneakerSync allows for two-way movement of data in an offline environment. This enables the LMS to connect to the Plus English app without the need for internet, ensuring that children in low-connectivity environments can access our digital learning programs.


Learning app

The Plus English app is the children’s primary learning tool, accessible on any Android device. The app aggregates content from within the LMS into a fun, gamified learning pathway, unlocking levels when children have mastered a concept. The Plus English app is designed to supplement the teacher’s lessons but can also be used for self-learning.

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About Plus Education

Plus Education is the group operating name of registered Australian charity, The 40K Foundation Australia Ltd, and its subsidiary organisations, 40K Plus Education in India and Cambodia.

We are committed to child safety and creating a safe learning environment for children.

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