The Pedagogy

Plus English is more than just a learning app. It’s also a way of teaching that is proven to maximise student engagement, accelerate English learning outcomes + language acquisition.

PLUS English leverages our flagship learning app to supplement and improve the existing approach to English literacy skills education, without diluting the magic that happens in person. It incorporates a blended pedagogy that embraces the teacher-student relationship and group learning practices.

The blended classroom format allows for a more engaging and vibrant learning environment while also helping to overcome that gaps in teaching quality that are characteristic of marginal communities across the developing world.

Why blended is best

Digital + non-digital, synchronous + asynchronous – a blended approach gives children the best of both worlds

Skills practice

A challenge of wholly digital or online English literacy programs is that it’s difficult to provide students with reading and writing practice. A blended pedagogy allows students to practice all four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Ownership of learning

A blended pedagogy pushes students to become self-motivated, autonomous learners. Giving students asynchronous digital learning tasks to complete independently empowers the student to take ownership of their learning.

Classroom efficiency

While ability-based groups of students complete lessons through the learning app, the teacher has more time to spend on synchronous, face-to-face practice of concepts with other groups. This system makes the classroom run more efficiently.

Supports diversity

When it comes to English literacy education for first generation learners, one size does not fit all. A blended pedagogy provides multiple learning pathways, ensuring that diverse learning preferences and styles are catered for, and different ability levels are supported.

Student interaction

A problem with wholly digital or online programs is that there is a lack of social interaction between students, and between student and teacher. A blended pedagogy fosters interaction, helping students to develop skills in teamwork, communication and group decision-making.

Digital skills

One of the many benefits of blended learning is that students develop basic digital skills and competencies as they engage in English literacy learning, not least the ability to navigate a graphical interface. This helps to address gaps in digital skillsets in marginal communities.

Improving teaching practice

The Plus English pedagogy benefits not only the children engaged in the program, but teachers too! A blended pedagogy enhances their existing English teaching practices, increases their capacity to provide differentiated, student-centred instruction, and helps them to run a more efficient and engaging classroom. This is particularly important in marginal communities across the developing world where the quality of teaching is not what we’d wish it to be.

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About Plus Education

Plus Education is the group operating name of registered Australian charity, The 40K Foundation Australia Ltd, and its subsidiary organisations, 40K Plus Education in India and Cambodia.

We are committed to child safety and creating a safe learning environment for children.

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