What We Do

Plus Education works to provide equitable, inclusive skills education and digital learning for children on the margins of the developing world.

Our Approach

“Innovate, accelerate, elevate + empower”


We innovate to solve problems

Our innovative vision is based on a commitment to effective, affordable and accessible technology for low-connectivity environments. We invest in the research and development of non-internet dependent, low-cost learning solutions and appropriate pedagogies to address the needs of marginal communities across the developing world.


We accelerate learning outcomes

We develop and deliver learning programs that accelerate the learning outcomes of children on the wrong side of the digital divide. Our learning programs promote significant gains in English literacy and digital skills, allowing these children to catch up to their connected peers.


We elevate education quality

We work with education departments and schools to build their resourcing and capacity to deliver digital learning for their students, remedying identified deficiencies in education quality. We train and coach teachers on the use of technology and data to enhance teaching practice, elevating the quality of education in marginal communities.


We empower children's futures

Our technology and programs not only help to bridge gaps in children’s learning outcomes today, but they also reduce inequalities in their post-school outcomes tomorrow. By developing the English literacy and digital skills of marginalised children, we empower them for future work and participation in the digital, global age.

Our Technology

Our programs are delivered via our non-internet dependent learning platform


Learning management

The platform comprises our cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) which houses curated learning content, lessons and assessments. The LMS allows for tracking of student learning data and generates easy-to-understand reports, helping teachers to identify areas in which students are struggling or excelling.



Made up of a master app, Raspberry Pi and wifi router, SneakerSync allows for two-way movement of data in an offline environment. This enables the LMS to connect to the Learning App without the need for internet, ensuring that children in low-connectivity environments can access our digital learning programs.


Learning apps

The learning app is the children’s primary learning tool, accessible on any Android device. Our apps aggregate content from within the LMS into a fun, gamified learning pathway, unlocking levels when children have mastered a concept. An app may be used for self-learning or to supplement the teacher’s lessons.

Digital School Kits

Our digital learning kits for disconnected + under-resourced schools

Lack of internet access and learning resources are barriers to digital learning in marginal communities across the developing world. To help local education systems overcome this, Plus Education equips schools and community learning centres with our non-internet dependent digital school kits, comprising a Raspberry Pi, wifi router and 10x android tablets, pre-loaded with our learning apps. Digital school kits are funded through our School Sponsorship program.

Plus English

Our flagship English literacy + digital skills program for children


Accessible in low-connectivity environments

Plus English utilises our non-internet dependent learning platform, which means it can be delivered in schools and communities with patchy or no internet connectivity. The Plus English learning app is progressively structured, starting at the absolute beginner level up to pre-intermediate level (CEFRL A2) with a focus on everyday English.


Incorporates a blended learning pedagogy

PLUS English is designed to supplement and improve the existing approach to English literacy skills education, without diluting the magic that happens in person. It incorporates a hybrid pedagogy that embraces the teacher-student relationship and group learning practices, while creating a vibrant learning environment.


Accelerates language learning + acquisition

PLUS English is proven to accelerate English learning outcomes and language acquisition by an average of 39% each year. Through Plus English, children can learn in just 18 months what would normally take 30 months to learn using traditional didactic and textbook-based teaching approaches.

Our Programs

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About Plus Education

Plus Education is the group operating name of registered Australian charity, The 40K Foundation Australia Ltd, and its subsidiary organisations, 40K Plus Education in India and Cambodia.

We are committed to child safety and creating a safe learning environment for children.

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Plus Education marks 10 years

This month, Plus Education officially turns 10! To commemorate the milestone and the start of our registered organisational status ten years ago in India, our CEO Swetha Prakash has penned a few words reflecting on our journey and achievements over the years.

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