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Meet Harshith!

Together with his mother and younger brother, he lives in a rural village on the outskirts of Bangalore, where he enjoys learning new things and playing cricket, Kabaddi and volleyball with his friends.

Harshith first came to Plus Education as an 11-year-old, learning English literacy and digital skills at one of over 50 Plus pods we ran across the south of India. Having previously had no access to English literacy skills education or digital learning in his village, he said that learning at the pod was one of his favourite things to do. He also knew just how important his newly developed skills were to his future goal of one day becoming a police officer.


Children like Harshith often leave school without the most basic English language or digital skills. Yet, it is these skills that are increasingly advantageous or required in gaining employment in a range of sectors across India and the globe. After four years attending a Plus pod in his village, Harshith was able to speak, listen, read and write basic transactional English with confidence and clarity. According to his mother and school teachers, he also developed a renewed zest for learning.

“I like to learn English at the Plus pod because it will help my future,” Harshith told us at the time. “My favourite things to do are reading, writing and playing.”

When he first came to us, Harshith did not pass basic comprehension tests. Four years of learning later, he was able to successfully pass all of his competency tests, placing him on the pathway to fluency and his big dreams for the future. 

Harshith's story is one of many that has been positively transformed by Plus Education. Through our non-internet dependent technology + learning programs, we hope to continue accelerating the learning + empowering the futures of children like Harshith in India + beyond. But to do that, we need your support.

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