Updates from the field: Plus program underway in Indonesia

Much enthusiasm has been observed during the commencement of our Plus program in Indonesia, which is now serving 995 students across nine schools and three locations in Maluku. Since late last year, 56 teachers and volunteers have undertaken training to build skills, facilitate our program and manage a technology-enabled classroom. All schools have received their devices and technology, allowing them to access and use our program offline in classrooms with low connectivity.

Baseline testing has also been completed which will help us to track learning progress and measure the impact our program is having on learners as they progress through their lessons. Recently, our baseline testing has also undergone transformation and students in Indonesia have been first to undertake this testing online through their devices, logging on and completing their tests independently. This technology-driven approach will also be implemented in our other countries of operation for greater accuracy and to ensure standardisation.

Teachers have said that their students are eager and excited by the learning process and using technology during their weekly sessions. Over the next couple of months, as they engage further with our program’s app and blended learning framework, we are very much looking forward to observing their progress and assisting them with their needs.

Plus English is designed to address access barriers and deficiencies in English education for children in low-resource and low-connectivity environments. The program works to accelerate children’s English learning outcomes and language acquisition by an average of 39% each year, while also improving children’s digital skills through regular, guided use of our technology.

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This program is supported by Navitas Education Trust in partnership with local NGO, Heka Leka

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