A new year of learning opportunities

We asked some of our students and teachers in Cambodia how they’re feeling about commencing their Plus program journey this year, their hopes for 2023 and how they think skills learned through our program will benefit them in the future. 

*Transcribed and translated from Khmer to English. 

"My students are excited to have the opportunity to work in a group, responding to questions and learning on the devices. I feel it is vital to my teaching because there are many practices in each lesson and I can guide students successfully with their learning. English is an important language commonly used for global communication. If students understand English well, they can get a good job and travel abroad easily."

"I am most looking forward to improving my writing, reading, and interpreting skills. In the future, I want to be a nurse. I think English will be helpful for this profession because it will allow me to study further and research. If I can understand English well, I will be able to recognise different types of medicine and disease."

"My students are very happy with the program and enjoy using the tablets for learning. English is very important for them in the future to study further at university, to find a good job, to get a scholarship abroad, to do academic research and to communicate with foreigners around the world."

"I feel very happy about starting the Plus English program this year. I am looking forward to improving my skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher of mathematics. I hope to apply my English knowledge in research work to broaden my professional knowledge for better teaching."

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