Broadening horizons: Rainsey’s story

Rainsey has recently turned 14. He lives in a small village in Cambodia’s Koh Sotin district, known across Cambodia for Wat Moha Leap, a century-old Buddhist pagoda and the only remaining wooden-framed pagoda in the kingdom. His parents, both generational cabinet makers, work very long hours to provide for middle-child Rainsey and his two sisters. With little in the way of machinery, it’s gruelling work. Seeing the toll that strenuous physical work has taken on his parents and his grandparents before them, Rainsey wants to pursue a different future for himself. His dream is to one day become an engineer.

Recognising the importance of English language proficiency for an education and career in engineering, Rainsey was thrilled when his school enrolled in our Plus English program earlier this year. The engaging digital content and interactive exercises are making English language learning much easier and far more enjoyable for Rainsey, and he feels that his English is improving day by day, particularly his reading skills. “My goal is to be able to read full paragraphs,” he said, adding that this will be necessary to understanding a lot of the information and research he will encounter as a future engineer.

For children like Rainsey, English language proficiency opens doors to new opportunities and gives them greater control over their lives and future. It allows them to access and make use of a wide variety of resources, knowledge and information, bringing extensive educational benefits and opportunities to further their learning and research endeavours. 

With continued access to our program and gains in English learning outcomes, Rainsey will be better placed on his path to pursuing a different future and career for himself—realising his dreams of one day becoming an engineer.

Our School Sponsorship Program allowed Rainsey’s school to benefit from our Plus English program, granting them with a non-internet dependent digital kit and inducting them into our Plus English program at no cost to the school or families. Learn more about our School Sponsorship program and how you can help support up to 300 students like Rainsey in rural Cambodia.

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