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Donate by 30 June to improve the learning + lives of children on the margins of the developing world.

This End of Financial Year...

Plus Education needs your help. The children and communities we serve need your help.

COVID-19 hit our organisation hard, but it hit children and rural communities in Cambodia much harder. With children locked out of school for the better part of two years, those on the wrong side of the digital divide have fallen significantly behind. At the same time, household incomes have also fallen. 

In response, we are now providing our non-internet dependent digital school kits and teacher training at no cost to participating schools or to the families of participating students.

Our aim is to enrol as many children on our programs as quickly as possible before they continue fall further and further behind, while also alleviating the financial burden on struggling families.

But, of course, this comes at a cost to our charity. Now, more than ever, we cannot do it alone!


Please donate by 30 June + help us reach more children!​

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible within Australia.

With your support...

We can help more students like Arunny + more teachers like Mr Sambo in Cambodia! 


15-year-old Cambodian student, Arunny, is the first member of her family to attend high school. With the big hopes of one day becoming a doctor, she realised early on that learning English was an important step in her journey towards this goal.


For rural Cambodian teacher, Mr. Sambo, Plus Education has provided an opportunity to improve his teaching practice while also helping him to create a more stimulating and engaging learning environment for his students.

How your donation will help

Your tax-deductible* donation will make a tangible difference to the learning + lives of children on the margins!

*All donations over $2 are tax-deductible within Australia



Your tax-deductible donation will fund a small Raspberry Pi computer for a rural Cambodian school, allowing offline delivery of our learning programs in low-connectivity environments.



Your tax-deductible donation will fund an entry-level Android tablet for a rural Cambodian school, through which small groups of students can access our digital learning programs. 



Your tax-deductible donation will fund intensive teacher training for up to 20 Cambodian teachers, equipping them with the skills and strategies to manage a technology-enabled classroom.



Your tax-deductible donation will equip a rural Cambodian school with all the required hardware, devices and ongoing tech support to deliver our programs to up to 300 students every year.

Thank you on behalf of the children who will ultimately benefit from your support!

For them, your support may mean the difference between a life of poverty and a more secure economic future.

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About Plus Education

Plus Education is the group operating name of registered Australian charity, The 40K Foundation Australia Ltd, and its subsidiary organisations, 40K Plus Education in India and Cambodia.

We are committed to child safety and creating a safe learning environment for children.

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