Why Prayut Foundation?

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in South-East Asia. More than 30% of its population earns less than US$1 per day and daily life is characterized by vulnerability due to poverty with 70% of the population relies on agriculture for their livelihood. Cambodia has struggled to increase living standards for its citizens in the current economy in transition.

The corporate economy is based on a main extent on the agriculture, construction, tourism and hospitality, and garment industries. Education development is believed to be the most important catalyst to poverty reduction and socioeconomic development in Cambodia. The National Strategic Development Plan, which is the Royal Government of Cambodia’s (RGC) policy for coordinating actions targeting poverty reduction and socioeconomic development, recognizes education as a crucial factor in developing the country’s human resources.

We believed that life skills and vocational skills are the most important elements to human resources development. However, Cambodia still lacks a skillful workforce because most young Cambodians are lacking life skill and basic vocational skills to be able to generate income by themselves, as they are not being taught in secondary school. Moreover, students are not aware of the importance of vocational skills and life skills and the numbers of general vocational and technical institutions are limited. Most rural skill course programs aim at agriculture and craft skills, and are most commonly run through government provisions (ADB 2009).

There is no proper program being implemented to provide basic skill-based training and support directly to students who do not afford to pursue higher education in the cities. Furthermore, inadequate effort/mechanism has been invested to turn youth to rise to their full potential. Therefore, low-income youth from remote areas have limited room to grow.

There is a huge potential at every household to implement small-scaled agricultural activities; for instance, in every household, there are plenty of resources, such as land, small farms, fish ponds, paddy fields and others. These are suitable for agriculture or raising livestock, but most of them are now being left unused. There is a huge prospect in every community to organize ecotourism and homestay businesses, but no effort has been invested yet.

Due to this, Prayut Foundation was established to provide support to the people, especially the poor and disadvantaged to be able to help themselves.

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