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Plus Education is a skill-based educational institution dedicated to providing the best possible education for our students. As the Executive Director, my mission is to ensure the quality of all Plus Education’s training programs, products and services.

In order to meet the demands for jobs in the 21st century, it is crucial for our students to keep improving their job skills and to be able to keep up with those from developed countries. E-learning will become more and more popular and convenient for students to learn or to upgrade themselves. We dream to make online education accessible for all students to improve their existing knowledge/skills, analyze complex problems, produce research-based writing, and work collaboratively within diverse groups.

To achieve this, Plus Education has established a program to provide free and downloadable online video lessons updated on a weekly basis targeting youth/students at secondary schools and universities. The aim of the online education is to equip students/youth with necessary and high market-demand skills, including English Language, Information Technology, Mathematics, Agriculture, Vocational and Training Skills and Life Skills. Plus Education implements some social projects, in addition to its online programs, in order to promote creativity, personal growth, career development and entrepreneurship.

As well as the above mentioned e-learning programs, our organization also offers in-center and customized trainings, consultancy, translation and interpretation and Khmer language study.

Whether you will be studying for further education or upgrading education and skills for a career, our highly qualified and experienced teachers will be able to provide you with a memorable and uniquely rewarding learning experience.

I look forward to meeting you.

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