ISLFEL for University Students

This event will provide an opportunity to introduce Plus Education website and its free downloadable online materials. Participants will hear informative, thought-provoking, and inspirational messages from high-profiled speakers such as outstanding students, scholarship students and formers outstanding students who are working in the government, private sectors and NGOs. The event will make the website more and more popular among university students so that it would be more attractive to sponsors.

The event is created based on the idea that to live in the ever-changing world, students must have life changing tools to be able to think creatively and logically to reach informed decisions. Therefore, students have to learn these tools in order to be able to effectively and logically analyze university-level text to be able to do research-based coursework so that they can apply their coursework knowledge to their workplace.

Therefore, the topics have to be aligned with the real trend of the world. The topics will include how to be successful in study, how to conduct research, what major should be chosen, the trend of the world workforce, orientation to abroad study, and how to get scholarship abroad.

Organizers have youth-related experience networking with universities in Phnom Penh and provinces and have experience conducting similar events and liaison with different types of sponsors for such events. Hundreds of students will be invited to participate in each workshop for free. Workshop will be conducted during the weekend to avoid conflicting schedule of the students. It will be conducted at the target universities in Phnom Penh and the target provinces

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