Advisory Commitees

Ten Advisory Committees are established to ensure the effectiveness and appropriateness of each program. Each committee is responsible for each individual program. The committee members will work on a voluntary basis. The committee members in charge will also be responsible for ensuring the quality of training programs and online educational materials via input and feedbacks. Around five experts with high profiles in the relevant industries and currently working for government ministries, UN agencies, donors, NGOs and private sectors are selected to sit on the committee.

List of the Committees:

  • English Language Committee
  • Information and Technology Committee
  • Entrepreneurship Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Life Skill and Creativity Committee
  • Agriculture Committee
  • Mathematics Committee
  • Khmer Language Committee
  • Hotel, Tourism and Hospitality Committee
  • Production Committee


Mr. Sim Kong

Mr. SIM Kong has a wide range of professional experiences with the government, private companies, and NGOs in Cambodia.

He graduated with a bachelor degree in Mathematics from Royal University of Phnom Penh. He spent three year as a mathematics teacher, eight years in local and international companies, and another eight years in NGOs. Having worked in the management and other professional fields with companies and NGOs has enabled him to work independently as a freelance consultant.

In 2007, Mr. SIM Kong obtained a Master of Business Administration in the field of general management from Build Bright University in Phnom Penh. In 2010, he provided several consulting services to non-profit organizations and associations. At the present, he is providing consultancy to RECOFTC, the Center for People and Forests, as a Business Development Specialist for the UNDP GEF Sustainable Forest Management.

He is also coordinating an agriculture development project for the Federation of Farmer Associations Promoting Family Agriculture in Cambodia (FAEC). Since 2010, he has been involved in the Live & Learn Environmental Education in Cambodia as an active board member who has shared valuable experiences in the field of organization development, management, and other community development approaches. Lastly, SIM Kong has continued to voluntarily contribute his time to providing more inputs for the development of the Live & Learn Environmental Education.

Mr. Pheng Saochheng

Mr. Pheng Soachheng joined Plus Education as a member of the Advisory Committee for Information Technology in 2013. He was a founder of Youth Initiative for Technology and an active candidate in Youth Leadership Challenges (YLC) and Next Generation, a program of International Republican Institute (IRI). He has also participated in various Asian youth events in South Korea, China and Malaysia.

In addition to a Provincial Representative at Youth Council of Cambodia, at the present he is an Executive Director at youth Center for Development. This has credited him with a variety of skills in social network, project cycle management, report writing, survey, evaluation, and communications and relationship management.

He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in TEFL from Asia Euro University. Currently, he is undertaking a diploma in English at the Australian Center for Education in Phnom Penh and is a professional membership of United Religions Initiative.

Mr. Pisey Pech

Mr. Pisey Pech is a certified trainer at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the London University where he taught Khmer language to foreign students. Mr. Pisey Pech holds a Master Degree in Globalization, Development and Transition from the University of Westminster located in the United Kingdom where he also worked as a Network Consultant for a charitable organization under the London Borough of Haringey.

In addition to his teaching experiences, Mr. Pisey Pech is a highly qualified professional practitioner in the field of development, program management, program evaluation, human resource management, fund raising and strategic advice.

He is currently the Director of Programs of the Transparency International where he provides strategic guidance and direction on the design, implementation and monitoring four core strategic programs of the organization. Furthermore, Mr. Pisey PECH is well-known business development consultant. He successfully executed an income generation project “Creative Industries Support Program” of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

In 2010, Mr. Pisey Pech successfully established a three star boutique hotel "the Little Garden". The Little Garden is fully functioned and becomes one of the most popular boutique hotels in the capital city of Phnom Penh. He is still in his adventure to expand the project to other locations in Phnom Penh and elsewhere.

Dr. Heng Meng

Dr. Heng Meng holds a Ph-D of Science education in Analysis of Environment and Chemistry at Hyogo University of Teacher Education (Japan) and Master Degree of Science in Analysis of Environmental Samples and Chemistry at Naruto University of Education (Japan).

He has experienced in education more than 17 years and is the author of several scientific publications, conference paper. He has served as an accreditation committee’s member at Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC), and as a research methodology lecturer and Dean of Humanities, Linguistics and Arts at Cambodian University for Specialties, where he is a member of Dissertation committee for PhD program.

He is currently a member of the technical staff at Cambodian University for Specialties, where he assisted Information Technology and Communication to design and develop curriculum for department of Rural Engineering. He was the curriculum evaluation committee member for high school textbooks in Cambodia.

He was a mentor for Cambodian outstanding students and a team leader and a representative of Cambodian team while in foreign countries (2006-2011) for the International Junior Science Olympiad and International Earth Science Olympiad. He has long experience of teaching young and adult learners, ranging from primary school to postgraduate levels.

Mr. Yi Longdy

Mr. Yi Longdy is currently working at an international NGO, called ACTED PSF, as the Head of Logistics. He has six-year volunteering experience with many organizations, including AIESEC Cambodia, an international youth organization, where he served as the country representative/national president.

At university, he majored in a bachelor in Business Administration at Pannasastra University of Cambodia and another degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Institute of Foreign Languages. Mr. Longdy has a lot of travelling experience in western and Asian countries due to high level of English language (IELTS=8.0). He is currently 24 and has a dream to have travelled 25 countries when he reaches 25.

With opportunities to travel, to work with different groups of people, to graduate from decent universities, and to network with people from no less than 50 countries, he strongly believes in personal development and fulfillment of one’s potential through involving in a global cause that involves impact far bigger than oneself.

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